Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions – Gutter Ramps, Speed Cushions & More

Enviro Rubber provides custom solutions for homes, offices, worksites, car parks, convention spaces and factories. Gutter ramps are one of our key customised rubber products that are increasing in popularity. These portable, heavy-duty moulded rubber wedges, also known as kerb ramps, can be customised to fit any driveway, even those in cul-de-sacs.

Customised Gutter Ramps

Benefits of Customised Gutter Ramps

Our ramps are suitable for hand trolleys, cars and trucks and are easy to install. Gutter ramps are ideal for driveways with rolled kerb gutters, ensuring entry and exit is smooth and incident free. They eliminate potential damage to the front and rear bumpers and vehicle undercarriage, which can be expensive. Repairing the front bar of a car costs up to $1000 but a customised gutter ramp will ensure damage does not happen.

Gutter ramps reduce noise for neighbours – they cut out that annoying “thud thud” as cars move over the kerb. They also minimise jolts to the occupants of the car, such as sleeping children arriving home late at night.

Installing Enviro Rubber gutter ramps has no impact on drainage. This product is designed with a recessed drainage system to ensure that stormwater is still able to flow.

Waste Reduction

All our products are made from 100 per cent recycled tyres, which arrive at our Melbourne factory in granulated form. Ordering customised or standard products from Enviro Rubber helps to reduce the impact of the 18 million tyres that are discarded in Australia every year.

Other Customised Rubber Solutions

Enviro Rubber provides unique rubber products for a range of clients Australia wide.
Examples of our custom solutions include:

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